The Southern Knights have come a long way in 2 years. We own 52 horns, a full battery of percussion equipment, guard equipment, uniforms, a trailer... But we are in need of purchasing the keyboards for our front ensemble(the Pit)! We are starting a capital campaign today to finish our equipment requirements. The target goal is $15000.00 before August 30th. Please consider helping the Knights out with a donation towards this end. You can click on the Pay Pal link below, or send a check to:

Southern Knights 

635 Crosscreek Trl. Pelham, Al 35124    We are a 501c 3 organization, and donations are deductible within the extent of the law. You will receive a letter confirming your donation on Corps letterhead for tax purposes.

                                              Thank You!!!

Up first: Southern Knights (20 brass, 10 battery, 7 pit, 4 guard, 1DM) presenting their 2016 program "Quest For The Crown"

In their first year of field competition, SK made a splash at several DCI shows in Alabama with some impressive numbers. It's a shame DCA chose not to allow the Knights to formally compete. These guys mean business and would be right in the running for a Class A title this year. The show is full of lots of great solo, small ensemble, and full ensemble playing. If you like the classic G bugle sound, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out next season. Seriously. They will become a force to be reckoned with in DCA South.

Highlights: The drum major comes onto the field for some very nice solo soprano playing during the ballad, and the very competent horn section is headlined by some strong contrabasses and a few superstar mellos. Percussion is very good, especially in the corps' first season with a full drumline.


We are now into the competition season! Our first contest will be in Millbrook, Al. on Friday, July 14th. The next day, we will be in Woodstock, Ga. for our second contest. We have learned all the drill (117 sets) for this years show. We still have a couple spots to fill. Looking for 1 baritone, and 1 -2 mello's for the horn line. Battery is looking for 1 snare and 1-2 tenors. There is no age limit! So if you haven't performed since college, or after aging out of DCI... get back out on the field. Feel the rush of performance once again! Rehearsals are held at Pell City HS.    1300 Cogswell Ave.

Fill out the "Join Us" form, or contact membership manager or director.

Let me introduce you to the original cast of the Southern Knights! These founding members' first performance ever happened Sunday, July 26th, 2015 at the Southwind Alumni picnic in Montgomery, Alabama at Huntingdon College. It was an honor to perform for the Southwind family! Thank you for being our first audience.

The Southern Knights Drum and Bugle Corps is a new Drum & Bugle Corps in the Birmingham, Alabama area. However the corps leadership has over 100 years of experience in the performing arts arena.  The purpose of this organization is to provide our members with an educational program of the highest quality, with the opportunity to develop and continue their musical, visual arts, drum corps and color guard/dance performance abilities in a structured environment. Developing real life skills in teamwork, self discipline, preparedness, accountability, critical thinking, and leadership - all in a family atmosphere that fosters relationships that last a lifetime.  The Southern Knights is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, we depend on generous donors to help with the financial needs to operate. Donations are tax deductible under IRC Section 170.

Congratulations to Alliance, Carolina Gold, and Atlanta CV on a great night of drum corps and great improvements across the board. Southern Knights, a new DCA corps starting up out of Birmingham, performed in exhibition and made a really great first impression on the DCA South crowd. It'll be really exciting to see how they grow and develop as they join the competitive ranks next season.

 Really really solid outing! Loved the horn sound and the percussion made a good first impression on me as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they grow and make a name for themselves…

Exhibition: Southern Knights - Birmingham, Alabama (1 conductor, 13 horns, 3 perc)

Brand new this year, Southern Knights is the brainchild of John Hoekstra, who many of you will remember as a featured soloist with Atlanta CV for several years. The group is performing standstill exhibitions this year and will have one more appearance at the DCA South Championships on August 22nd in Atlanta CV's hometown of Rockmart, Georgia. Their ensemble consists of 4 sopranos (yes, they're using G bugles!), 4 mellophones, 3 baritones, 1 euphonium, and 1 contrabass along with a set player, snare drummer, and another percussionist alternating between tenors and bass drum. Their program was entitled "Quest". They opened with a few warmup chorales, displaying some very good ensemble blending. They then moved on into their show charts, and they can play! We got a taste of what promises to be a quality hornline in the years to come with some true power behind it. Percussion is solid and blended well with the small but powerful hornline. They will continue to develop in the coming years, and hopefully become a consistent quality player in DCA South. I've been told the goal is to field a DCA Class A corps next summer.

Southern Knights (exhibition): Birmingham, AL - 14 brass, 3 percussion

"The Southern Knights return for their 3rd and final show of 2015. Just like in Woodstock, the brass was electric and gave us a nice sizzling G bugle sound. New for this performance was a fantastic wailing contrabass solo featuring Joe Murphy, widely-acclaimed tuba soloist and brass caption head of the corps. These folks will surely be a hit in the Class A scene next season."

-Review from Rockmart




Our inaugural season is in the books with performances in Montgomery, Al. , Woodstock, Ga. , and Rockmart, Ga.  The reviews were complimentary of the corps. Below are some of the things said...

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Here is a review from the 2016 Hiram, Ga. show... 

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